Yukos Claims Administration



Deficiency notices were sent to all claimants who submitted deficient claims. The deadline for receipt of all responses was 45 days after the date on the notice. The deadline for responding to deficiency notices has passed and responses are no longer being accepted.

Once the Distribution Agent completes its review of all submitted deficiency responses, claimants with rejected claims will be notified via email and claimants with accepted claims will be contacted for additional information. Please be sure to contact us if you change your email address or other contact information.

Please continue to check this website for updated information. If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs, which were recently updated.


Certain former foreign subsidiaries of Yukos Oil Company (the “Yukos Group”) have been liquidating assets and pursuing various legal claims with the ultimate goal of making a series of cash distributions to former shareholders of Yukos Oil Company. As each of the remaining Yukos Group assets is liquidated over time, a portion of the proceeds therefrom, as determined by the Yukos Group, will be deposited into a fund (the “Distribution Fund”), and will be distributed to former Yukos shareholders on a rolling basis.


You are potentially eligible to receive a distribution if you purchased, acquired or held Yukos Ordinary Shares or Yukos ADRs from July 2, 2003 through and including November 28, 2007, regardless of where you live or where those shares were purchased.

Notices and Claim Forms were mailed to identified potentially eligible former Yukos shareholders and the deadline to file a claim has passed. You may view the Notice by clicking here.

The Distribution Agent, Garden City Group, LLC, was retained to assist with the administration and distribution of the Distribution Fund.

Last updated April 25, 2017

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